Ethical Hacking

Today malicious attacks, hacking and security compromises, once the domain of governmental and major corporations are now the concern of even the smallest SME. As the criminals behind these attacks get ever more sophisticated, and the protection of the more higher profile sites races to catch up, many hackers are turning to softer targets. In almost every site there is information of value, or an opportunity to hold the business to ransom, but do you know how vulnerable you are?

Whether the applications you’ve developed are for your own use or for your clients, you need the assurance which can only come from thorough security testing.

With access to various ethical hackers StarQ will find those vulnerabilities and help you secure them before someone less desirable has a look. When you engage StarQ to test your application, you tap into their expertise in software testing and system security.

Once identified, your security risks can be neutralised. When your web application has successfully completed the security testing.

With growing legal precedence around PCI compliance you need to be sure you are not liable or negligent, STARQ consultants will guide you through the process and ensure your product is compliant.

Benefits of Security Testing
  • Reassurance for stakeholders your site is as secure as possible
  • Security risks identified and prioritised so you can resolve the most crucial first
  • Mitigating risk in the unlikely event of breach
  • Reducing risk of data breaches