System Load Performance Testing

What’s the most important feature to consider when designing and building any application? User experience of course! If your users are waiting too long for data to load or for their screen to refresh, you’ve lost them – and possibly their business as well.

That’s where performance testing comes in – giving you a testing strategy that will help you understand precisely how well your product performs under load, and how any degradation in speed may affect the reliability of your application. An essential component of this process, load testing will give you an accurate analysis of your server and network infrastructure capabilities, assessing if they are able to take on the required load without any other systems or applications being affected.

As part of our performance testing offering, we partner with a number of load test suppliers to give you greater flexibility around the cost and scale of load testing that your system needs in order to perform for your customers. What’s more, our STARQ experts will work hand-in-hand with your IT teams on your system, scoping the objectives of the tests, and assisting with the planning, management and execution of all your performance tests. Because at the end of the day, the better your product performs, the better its impact on your bottom line.

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What our performance solutions can do for you:
  • Enable your test methodology and performance testing scenarios to accurately reflect the production use and environment of your application.
  • Identify and remedy any potential issues at an early stage of the project, saving you time and resources while improving your reliability.
  • Allow you to understand any underlying issues and their importance through the use of load testing and analysis performance reports.