Software Test Consulting

Need expert help and advice in developing a fit-for-purpose software testing process? Just give STARQ a call! Our professional consultants will work with your existing test function in order to expand your capacity, while coaching and mentoring your team to help them make effective decisions around test strategy, processes, planning and tools.

By working closely with you in this way, we are able to fully understand both your existing testing processes and your business needs. This unique approach allows us to then recommend changes and actions that will help you to optimize your software testing practices, and ultimately deliver exceptional solutions to your customers.

No matter which area of your business needs attention, our STARQ experts will be able to assist, guiding you through decisions related to cost, capability, optimization, and the alignment of these changes with your business and IT strategies. It’s all about control – and that’s exactly what you’ll have over your delivery, your results and your success. All with a little help from STARQ.

Contact us today and let us today to find the right expert for your business.

What our consulting solutions can do for you:
  • Help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your present software testing regime.
  • Re-engineer, optimize and deploy your testing processes.
  • Align your testing methodologies with your business and IT strategies.
  • Help with the assessment and creation of test strategies.
  • Integrate your testing strategy to your business’s Service Delivery and Quality strategies (ITIL, ISO20000).