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    Our consulting solutions will help you to:
    Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your present software testing regime, assess and create test strategies, and empower your team to make effective decisions.
    Our automation solutions will help you to:
    Save time on unnecessary manual testing, avoid significant product reworks, and cut down on long-term expenses and resources for a more streamlined, cost-effective way of doing business.
    Our performance solutions will help you to:
    Understand how well your product performs under load, identify any underlying concerns and remedy any potential issues with your project, ultimately saving you time and money.
    Our resourcing solutions will help you to:
    Find the right candidate for each available role, employ specialists with the necessary skill sets and characteristics, and add value to your projects to ensure their successful outcome.
    Our outsourcing solutions will help you to:
    Improve your productivity, increase the availability of your key personnel, and help streamline your processes to ensure greater control over your product delivery and business needs.

At STARQ we have one goal – to improve the quality of your software. That’s exactly what we do – using our resources as an independent supplier of software testing services to help you meet your business needs and produce the best product you can.

Over the years, we have developed a fully integrated test consulting strategy, one that involves us working hand-in-hand with your team and offering a comprehensive range of services from automation to performance testing, outsourcing and resourcing too. Using this framework of solutions, we have been able to assist a wide range of organisations in reducing their product development time by identifying any potential issues pre-launch, saving them time and money, and helping to ensure their ultimate success.

We are a UK software testing company that will enable you to deliver the best solutions to your clients

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StarQ reacted swiftly and the results they produced were to a very high standard. It's clear they are experts in their field and have the ability to work with specific requirements. Rich Hancock - Creative Director, Ragtag Developments